A Final Note
Most of the images in this final 'Other Medial Gallery' were resurrected from old photos of works no longer accessible to me. Consider it a way for me to view works long gone... Try to overlook the less than optimal photo resolution. 
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"Woo Gives a Hoot"
"Double Trouble"
Oil on Canvas
Tommorw And ...
"La Cite"
"Let Me Think About It"
"Anitomical Lady"
"Ida Lee"
"Mother and Child"
Acrylic on Canvas
"Good Morning Darling"
"Modig Mary"
"Red Leotards"
"Tomorrow Morning"
"Cock & Femme"
"Burn Bush #2"
"Burn Bush #1"
"Fem, Flora, & Pussy Cat"
PC - 3D, Fractals, etc.

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